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60 Years in the Saddle

The title of this book caught my eye because I’ve been riding bikes for a little over 60 years if you go back to my first 20″ kid’s bike. But Bill Logan’s 60 years included many years of performing well at both road and track racing, going back to the old days of cycling in the US when everyone still wore leather helmets and had wool jerseys.

Because he went to the University of Indiana, he also participated in the “Little Indy” bike race made famous in the movie “Breaking Away”. There are a lot of good anecdotes about the race itself as well as background about the film. The book has many good stories from Bill’s own life and racing experiences, as well as those of his contemporaries. Some of these are famous, like John Howard and Wayne Stetina, others less so, but still talented athletes.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about this period, which predates me by only a few years.

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