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Scouting Out Some Challenges

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I’ve decided I need some local challenges to motivate me. One I have done in the past is climbing the Thomas Grade on my bike. This is only 1.5 km, but at an average grade of 9% with a max of 12.5%. I used to be able to do it in about 10 minutes years ago. This is a Strava segment, so I’ll be able to compare my time against my age group (which will be 70 in a few months).

The Thomas Grade is to the left off E. Dunne Ave where the two cars are

A lower Slope on the Thomas Grade

Another local challenge is walking up Barnard rd, which is 1.1 km but steeper, with a max grade of over 16%. I don’t have a standard to compare this one against other than my previous times. My best was 11 min 43 seconds a little over a year ago. Yesterday I did it in 13:45, so I have a ways to go to break my record. This is a good example of “training is specific”: I’ve been working out pretty seriously lately, but mostly biking. I need to throw in more hiking and uphill walking and the Barnard challenge will motivate me to do so.

The Start of the Barnard road climb

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